So you want to join the AIWRL eh, kid?

Are you passionate about saving the planet?

Are you energised to help the environment?

Do you want to join Alba and Ines in their fight to protect what they love?

Well, take a look at some of the great initiatives below and, like Alba, you can make a difference!

  • 1 Million Treeeeees!

    With the support of Alba’s players, we are setting a goal to plant 1 million trees. For every copy of the game ‘Alba: A Wildlife Adventure’ that is downloaded or sold, one tree will be planted in Alba’s Forest. You can help us reach our goal.

    Partnering with Ecologi, Alba’s players will support a reforestation project in Madagascar, run by the non-profit Eden Reforestation Projects, who have already planted 385 million trees globally.

    Restoring mangroves is a very effective, natural climate solution. Mangrove forests are known to capture up to four times as much carbon per acre than tropical rainforests, and are a natural barrier for coastal erosion, providing habitats for tropical fish, and work to filter water of pollutants.

    Check out Alba’s Forest to learn more or donate a tree.

  • Helping the Planet? Count Us In!

    ustwo games is a founding partner in Count Us In, an incredible mission to inspire 1 billion citizens to reduce their carbon pollution and deliver global change.

    Follow in the footsteps of Alba, and make a real difference today! With 16 science supported climate-positive steps to choose from, Join the #TeamAlba community on Count Us In, and be part of something even bigger!

    Join your fellow team mates and pledge to Use Less Plastic, Walk & Cycle More or Repair & Re-use and see how the steps you take can create a huge impact with the help of others!

  • Playing for The Planet!

    Ustwo games - the studio behind Alba: A Wildlife Adventure - is committed to harnessing the power of games and gamers to take action on the climate crisis. After joining the Playing for the Planet Alliance in 2020, ustwo games have made a commitment to:

    • Inspire action through play by integrating themes of environmental conservation, sustainability and green nudges in games
    • Reduce their carbon footprint by 30% by the end of 2022
    • Offset 100% of their carbon footprint from 2021 onwards
    • Work with our landlord to move to sustainable energy sources within our corporate offices
  • Did you know that we are a B Corp?

    ustwo is a B Corporation (or B Corp), and we want to put our values into Action!

    B Corps are for-profit businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Through Alba, and these amazing initiatives, we hope to create a measurable positive impact in the world.